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tun me on ..never stop

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Aug. 31st, 2006 | 04:34 pm
location: my new bed
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music: insatiable - darren hayes

so im reading one of my ex-friends' LJ just cuz im bored and its nice to know wat ppl are doin with their lives ...esp a girl who i considered a best friend for 5 yrs ..  

      and she had a list of "THINGS to Remember" ..and i think its awesome.. and im making one now

                                                                                THINGS TO REMEMBER

 -  my first time goin to movies unchaperoned.. with leora... we were in 8th grade... and we wanted to pass by our junior high on our way back to see boys..and one of them turn the fire hydrant on us..and we got soaked ..
- the first time i kissed a boy...luis...and the way his tongue felt down my throat 
-  wishing i was 18 and movin to china cuz my parents always pissedme off 
-  going "outside" with alisa
-  my first day in the longwood cafeteria... how i hated everyone
-  playing ouija board (without the board) when i was 10 in morocco with my childhood friends
- moving that glass and freakin everyone out 
-  the best i ever went on : me and john swimming in the ocean .... talking to each other and then him gazing at me b4 he finally leaned in to kiss me... best first date EVER
-  making out with a boy named george for 2 weeks without knowing wat he looked like without his hat on .. haha
-  goin downport with kathryn to weep about our then pathetic love lives..and eating ices
-  ralphs ices with kathryn and micheals pizza 
- me alisa and leora's daily after school walk from bayside HS to the bus stop 
-  6th grade field trip when i went to the water fountain after peeing and having everyone laugh at my skirt thats tucked into my stockings in the back 
-  goin to kathryns everyday of freshman year and videotaping ourselves bein RIDICULOUS!!!! goodtimes nevertheless!
-  my first new years eve having a boyfriend... me john and leora at the nyeve party 
-   crying during sex with john  .. falling in love... never felt sooo amazing ..
-  running home crying because my brother got beat up at school 
-  writng scotty on a piece of paper that i liked him...with him sitting right next to me.. bcuz i was too terrified to say it out loud
-  sussex camp with leora ... flipping the canoe over and talking all afternoon 
-  making out with joe  loughlin in the class closet in 12th grade

 thats all  4 now

justin tonite

      will b sure to post some pix :)

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