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Mar. 6th, 2009 | 03:27 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished


after 2 months of CRAP .. I FOUND SOMETHING :) :) 

       its a Paralegal position @ a law firm and loan modification firm in W.Islip .. not 2 far :) 

and I START ON MONDAY : ) :) 


I go in tomorrow to meet a new client with my New bosss. lol.. he wants me to just get an idea of the process .. its a firm specializing in all the bad loans people took out so dealing with all these banks that are tryin to take ppl's homes away.. so obv.. this is a field that is booming cuz all of LI is in foreclosure ruins practically.

and i have a job that is helping people and its interesting and im not bored to death helping 50yr old brokers how to use a damn computer.
and having to work on sundays or any of that crap!! m-F 9-5!! : ) 

the salary isnt the greatest .. its alittle less than what i was ma king @ corcoran but its better than my unemployment income at this point so ill take wateve i can get until something better comes up.

This morning i had another interview out in garden city with a matrimonial law practice . and the position requires 2 days a week in garden city and 3 days in melville...  and that went well so if they offer me taht position i'll take it instead cuz it pays more $ .

and i got the job today on the spot!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

im so happy.



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