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break/thurs nite

Jun. 9th, 2006 | 10:50 am
location: my bed
mood: amusedamused
music: sorry - madonna

soooo me n scotty are officially on break 

 after over a frkin week of endless arguing.... over STUPID ASS shit .... and more him calling me ungrateful and i dont appreciate him.....

so hes like i think we need a little time apart 

so were not gona communicate/see each other from last night till sunday

so we can "think about " wat we can do to better our relationship

like honestly........ i know im stubborn and hard headed and i dont just wear my heart on my sleeve...  but all he does is bitch about how i dont appreciate him

like im sorry... i do shit for u too... a genuine person doesnt constantly mention "how much he does for me" i feel like he goes out of his way for me just to say that "he does things for me"

but neway

i need time to myself neway.... i felt like i dont ever see my friends nemore....  i have my life with him and not my own.. and thats the road to a NON HEALTHY relationship

 so last nite i went to naps... had a grand old time with my friends.... 

ahh i saw casey there

it was soooooooooooooooooooo weird!! 

 he was like staring at me... and i was a little buzzed so i was totaly oblivious until jen pointed him out and i was like oh shit haha

he was like smiling at me so i said hi and hes like how are u ... bla bla bla.... 

his drunk ass bro from california was there... lol it was funny .. cuz hes as white as can be and like sooo ghetto 

but nehoo i guess it was nice seeing him ...  watever ..... its funny cuz i forgot alllllll about him... i forgot he even happened

it sucks cuz i k no i totally broke his heart..........................but hey ... u win some u lose some right

i had my share of bs so i guess i dont feel that bad about it

mmmmmmmmmmmkay well..... 

 im outttttttttttie

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puerto rico!

Mar. 20th, 2006 | 05:26 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: victory- pdiddy n fam

lol reading other ppl's LJ's when im in a bad mood ... is just NOT comforting

 at all

 like.. wow ur life is great... and mine SUCKS the big one.

 but oh it doesnt.... im just a big drama queen



AHh.. neway

 so me n scooter are going away on vacation to



<img src="" />

 ok this is gay and not showing the pic but


  5 star resort...

 El conquistador :) ...puertooo RICOOO




   so i found mucho mucho law legal asst/clerks watevers ... and i sent out my resume.... HOPEFULLY SOMEONE will call me for interview!!!!


ew so i was on yahoo pix b4 and just outta curiosity i put in john's email to see if he still has his albums up

 and long and behold he did

 and i remember when i was goin out wiht him... he had all thse pix of random girls he met everywhere he went.. and now that he has a new gf... ALLLL THOSE scandalous pix are deleted


 i guess i wasnt good enough to be treated good 

watever .. FUCKER

 i was lookin at all this shit and gettin sick to my stomach and i had to click out

 scotty comes home and i was just like reallly paying attention to how he always kisses me soo much whenev me n him see each other and he was like ...how was ur dayyy .. and just

made me realize

 WOW>.. IM SO GLAD IM NOT WITH JOHN ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 and all i can do is pick at stupid shit he does.. when meanwhile.. when i was with john he treated me like the UTMOST SHIT EVER and i was li ke stupidly in love obsessed with him

 too fuckin typical


  movin on

 i wana get brazilian wax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 im growing things out till i have to go on vacay then get it done ... omg
i cant wait for the smoothness ...


 arity roo 


 ciao 4 now





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(no subject)

Nov. 18th, 2005 | 03:08 pm

i need $$


anyone have an extra job 4 me??????

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